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The Western Bureau is a leading collection of contemporary and modern art spanning from the mid-twentieth century to the present. Founded in 2008 in San Jose, California, our mission is to preserve and promote works that have been unjustly overlooked or otherwise under-represented in today’s art market.
Whether it’s reviving the reputation of forgotten masters, celebrating regional art movements, or fostering the current generation of working artists, we strive to maintain this vital resource for educators, historians, curators, collectors, students, and members of the general public interested in exploring the many contours of creative expression.

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    Western Bureau Art Prize: Winter ’17 Western Bureau Arts

    International Deadline: January 31, 2017 – Western Bureau Arts Silicon Valley is now accepting entries for its Winter 2017 Juried Art Prize. Open to all living artists worldwide, both emerging and established. All styles…

    San JoseCalifornia, United States
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    4 Jan 2017