5 May 2016

Call for Submissions Gifts of Art 2016/17

University of Michigan Health SystemAnn Arbor, Michigan, United States

NOTE: This opp listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!


Opportunity Description

U.S. Multi-State Deadline: May 15, 2016 – As one of the first and most comprehensive arts-in-healthcare programs nationwide, Gifts of Art brings the world of art & music to the University of Michigan Health System. Our exhibit program is designed to enhance the health system’s environment of care and help calm, comfort and engage our patients, visitors and staff. All Gifts of Art programs are intended to support the healing process and reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with a healthcare setting.

Our nine galleries are viewed by approximately 10,000 people a day. Our galleries are some of the most widely visited indoor, non-museum exhibit spaces in the state. (see short video below)

Gifts of Art will be accepting proposals for the 2016-2017 exhibit year through May 1, 2016. We seek both solo exhibits by individual artists and group exhibits by arts organizations. Group shows must have a single contact person. Our galleries display both 2-D wall mounted art and 3-D works in display cases. Gifts of Art exhibits only original art.

For the jury process, individual artists must provide a minimum of 15 professional quality digital images. Group shows must provide a minimum of 24 images. Only submit images that are representative of the proposed exhibit. Exhibits should have a cohesive focus, theme or feel.

If selected, exhibiting artists will need to provide enough work to fill an entire gallery. For more information, see Gallery Dimensions.

In order to use the online form, you need to have a laptop or desktop computer (not a tablet) with current internet browser software. You also need the ability to resize files to meet our requirements. If you do not have this, please submit by mail. For the online form, we suggest that you use the latest version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser available for download free here.

Prior to filling out the online forms, prepare your documents, and size and name image files as directed below:


  1. All submissions must include a reference sheet and a resume/CV. A biography is optional.
  2. On the reference sheet, include your name or group name, and then list the image number, artist’s name, full title, medium and dimensions for each piece.
  3. For 2-D work, also include the frame type and both the framed and unframed dimensions.
  4. Save the reference sheet, resume/CV, and optional biography as PDFs (each less than 2 MBs in size).


  1. Save digital images as high quality JPG files (No TIF files).
  2. Size each JPG to 300 dpi and approximately 3 x 5 inches (less than 2 MBs in size).
  3. Image mode should be RGB, not CMYK.
  4. Name each JPG with a number, the artist’s last name, and an abbreviated title of the piece. There should be no spaces in the title (substitute underscore or hyphen for a space). Ex: 04_Smith_Umbrellas.jpg.

Online Submission Process
When ready, fill out the Exhibit Proposal Form and upload your PDFs. Review the eligibility and requirements, and if you accept, check the box and press the Continue button to move to the image upload page. Follow the instructions to upload your images. Press Submission Complete when you are finished; there is no need to logout. You will be sent an email confirmation including the number of JPGs uploaded.

In selecting artwork, Gifts of Art’s primary mission is to create a more comfortable and calming atmosphere within the often stressful environment of a hospital and to provide a positive distraction for our patients, visitors and staff. We take into consideration the medical and emotional sensitivities of our viewers. Overt sexual content, violence and nudity will not be considered. We will also avoid pieces that are confrontational, chaotic, obviously depressing or contain negative medical connotations.


  • Gifts of Art will coordinate and install all exhibits.
  • Exhibits are on display for approximately 90 days.
  • Gifts of Art determines gallery placement for artists.
  • Gifts of Art insures artwork while on hospital premises.
  • Gifts of Art uses a museum quality security system.
  • All artwork must be framed and/or ready to install.
  • Nielsen type metal frames with 3/8” back channels or wood frames at least 3/4” wide are acceptable.
  • 2-D works must be framed in a consistent and professional manner. Clip-on frames are not acceptable. Unframed, stretched canvases are acceptable with a painted or finished edge.
  • Either glass or plexiglass is acceptable.

Gallery Dimensions
Our nine galleries vary in size. Depending on location, as few as 6 pieces, to as many as 50 pieces may be required to fill a gallery.

  • Our five 2-D exhibit galleries range from 37-100 lineal feet, and most can accommodate work up to 42” in height.
  • The largest 2-D gallery can hold up to 50 pieces.
  • The Main Lobby 2-D gallery at 37 lineal feet is the smallest, but can accommodate larger works up to 7 feet in height.
  • Our four 3-D galleries also vary in size, containing both large and small display cases. Large cases measure 46” wide x 23” deep x 23-30” high, and small cases measure 17” wide x 17” deep x 17” high.
    See Gallery Diagrams for further details.

Artists are responsible for the delivery of their artwork to, and pick-up from, the U-M Health System. Gifts of Art will not be responsible for shipping costs. Directions and maps will be sent to invited artists. Group shows must make a single delivery.

Artwork sold during or within 30 days after the exhibit closes will be assessed a 35% commission, which helps support Gifts of Art’s hospital-based arts & music programs. Artwork need not be for sale to be eligible for exhibit.

Accepted works will remain on exhibit as placed by Gifts of Art staff and cannot be removed from the show until the close of the exhibit. Gifts of Art reserves the right to alter an exhibit at any time.

All Exhibit Proposals must be uploaded by May 31, 2015
Final notifications will be sent by July 15, 2015.


Call Gifts of Art at 734-936-ARTS (2787) or GiftsofArt@umich.edu

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