2 Apr 2017

Competitions The Navajo Sheep Project’ Logo Contest

Navajo Sheep ProjectNorth Logan, Utah, United States

NOTE: This opp listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Opportunity Description

U.S. National Deadline: May 12, 2017 – The Navajo Sheep Project announces a call for entries for its 40th anniversary logo design competition. The strongest proposals will be for works which engage the Navajo-Churro sheep’s role in traditional Navajo pastoralists of the arid southwest in the United States. The logo needs to relate strongly to the Navajo cultural and environmental history of the Southwest as it pertains to the original ‘old-type Navajo’ sheep in the Navajo culture. The winner of the logo design contest will have their logo design represent the Navajo Sheep Project on publication and social media materials.

Navajo Sheep Project is a non-profit [IRS 501(c)3] organization that is not only saving a rare breed, the Navajo-Churro, but also saving a part of history, a culture, a people, and a way of life for the Dine’.

The contest is open to artists, art students and graphic designers 18 years and older. We especially encourage Navajo and Hispanic working artists and students to apply as well as those that are passionate to perpetuating this way of life.

Submit no more than three entries each. An entry to the competition consists of a design logo uploaded on a disk or drive. Digital files must be RGB in JPG format with a maximum width of 1024 pixels and a maximum height of 768 pixels at 72 dpi. Designs submitted to the contest must be original artworks previously unpublished addressing the creative brief. All disks or drives should be labeled with the artist’s name and contact information.

All submitted entries should include an entry form which can be found by contacting the NavajoSheep Project at NavajoSheepProject@gmail.com.

Mail Entries to:
Navajo Sheep Project
Logo Contest
PO Box 181
Richmond, UT 84333

The top twenty logos will be included in the exhibition Navajo Sheep Project – “Churros in the21st Century.”

The top twenty artists, picked by the jury, will have to submit an unmounted output with the logo (maximum of 4” squared) centered on an 8-1/2” x 11” sheet. Text with the client name and address should appear under the mark for the judges’ information.

Printed images must be ready to mount on the wall.

If your design is picked as the winner, it becomes the sole property of the Navajo Sheep Project for its non-profit activities and usage within its mission statement.

Designs must consist entirely of the author’s own work and must not include any copyrighted material. Participants may submit up to three different logo designs.

All physical entries, printed pieces and entries on disks must have an entry form attached to the back. Do not send any work without an entry form attached. Again, you can find entry forms by contacting the Navajo Sheep Project at NavajoSheepProject@gmail.com

Parameters for logo design
The text, “The Navajo Sheep Project – Serving People, Preserving Cultures” is our registered trademark which cannot be altered. This trademark title will be included with our logobrand in all publications and media. This trademark title does not have to be included in design entries. It is at the discretion of the individual designer whether the trademark title is included in their individual design for the competition.

The Navajo Sheep Project will reward the best 20 entries, as selected by the jury, by including them in Navajo Sheep Project – Churros in the 21st Century, exhibition as part of the event, DIne’ Be’ Iina’ or Sheep is Life that is held at Dine College, Tsaile, Az., as celebration for the 40th anniversary of the Navajo Sheep Project as well as the “Navajo Life Way.” There will be one logo contest winner. The prize for first place includes their logo design representing the brand for the Navajo Sheep Project. It will be included on printed publications as well as socialmedia and our website. There will also be a $ 500.00 cash reward for the 1st place entry.

There is no entry fee.

It is the mission of the Navajo Sheep Project to preserve and breed back Navajo-Churro sheep so they can return to their historic place and purpose among the Navajo People. It is the further mission of the Project to see that the return of the Navajo-Churro benefits the Dine’ to whom it has historic and cultural importance. Through the return of the Navajo-Churro, the Project encourages a revival of classic and traditional authentic Navajo and other Southwestern multi-cultural weaving styles, which will improve the economic well-being of those who raise Navajo-Churro and need its wool for artisan works, as well as the healthy and safe meat this breed provides for ceremonies, and life on and off the Navajo Nation.

References for the Navajo Sheep Project Logo contest
The theme for the 40th anniversary Navajo Sheep Project logo contest is Navajo-Churro Sheep in the 21st century.

It is essential to save the genetics of North America’s first domestic sheep, which represents deep cultural values and needs. The Navajo-Churro sheep remains classified as a “rare breed”although it has been an important part of both Navajo as well as traditional Rio Grande Hispanic cultures, both spiritually and economically for over 400 years. Unlike most other breeds of livestock, these sheep are completely adapted to the southwest arid ecosystem of limited native forage, which genetically classifies the Navajo-Churro sheep as a land race breed and species adapted to its geographic homeland.

To rescue, save, and scientifically manage the breed development is necessary to increasese ed stock numbers, and re-deploy systematically to the Navajo People. This was the primary mission of the Navajo Sheep Project at its initial formation and during the first 25 years Founder,Dr. Lyle McNeal, had his vision for this Project. For forty years, the Navajo Sheep Project has been dedicated to this.


  • May 12, 2017:Submission deadline
  • May 17 Announcement of finalists
  • May 25 Submission deadline for finalist physical entries
  • June 12-18 Navajo Sheep Project, “Churros in the 21st Century” Dine College, Tsaile, Az. in conjunction withDine’ Be’ Iina’ – Sheep is Life celebration.
  • June 17 Reception and announcement of 1st place entry
  • TBA Take down exhibition – return of artworkIf included a return postage envelope.


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