7 Nov 2016

Call for Submissions The Color of Energy

Color of Energy ExhibitionCity of Orange, New Jersey, United States

NOTE: This opp listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Opportunity Description

The life force that is present in all great art is vital energy. We can feel vital energy; it is in all living things. But it is not easily defined or depicted. Vital energy or Chi is the difference between a human being and a rock. It is this vitality, this transference of chi that makes a painting speak to the viewer, and makes an artist’s work come alive. It makes it original and identifiable as the work of a particular artist. Energy is created out of the artist’s materials, tools and process, but the end is more than the means in the same sense that a musical composition is so much more than a collection of notes.

This exhibition features colorfully energetic and expressive abstract paintings, which use color that encourage the viewer to enter the world the artists have created, and let their eyes wander over the painting’s surface. Move up close and explore the intricacies of brushstrokes, paint thicknesses and compositional details to see how the parts are woven together to form the whole. The featured artist’s use the illusion of space, the action of line, the energy of color and the variety of form to build expression, energy, mood and atmosphere.

Valley Arts Firehouse Gallery
400 S Jefferson St
Orange, New Jersey

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