Biafarin Inc

Biafarin means “Create” in the ancient empire of Perse, ruling in the 6th century BC, which has been one of the richest art heritages in the world’s history. We have chosen this name to represent our deep admiration for creations, creators and creatures around the world.

Biafarin Inc. is a registered Canadian business in Ontario. We offer our services through; which is an artist management platform, established to help artists worldwide to present their artistic career, promote their art, sell their artworks and create more revenue from new channels.

As a resourceful multi-layered art marketplace, Biafarin ecosystem includes a multi-lingual portal, support team and a network of art businesses.

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    Diversia: Life – International Group Exhibition Biafarin Inc

    International Deadline: January 24, 2021 – Diversia: Life offers a full featured online group exhibition in February 2021 combined with online sales, artist certificate, promotion and a colorful stylish exhibition book…

    Date Posted
    11 Jan 2021