22 May 2019

Competitions History + Art: Catalyzing Hope

ALPHA EducationCanada, ON, Canada

NOTE: This opp listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Opportunity Description

International Deadline: June 15, 2019 – ALPHA Education is hosting its annual History + Art = Peace Art Contest. Explore social justice through the history of WWII in Asia and this year’s theme – “Catalyzing Hope”.

Stories and human right violations from WWII in Asia have not been reconciled and many of the atrocities aren’t even known or recognized in some parts of the world today. We should not forget the past and we should learn from history, but even today, tens of thousands are dead, and millions are displaced because of contemporary violent conflicts. Peace and Reconciliation is Needed More than Ever.

Art has a compelling power to create space for negotiation, creativity, empathy, and critical thinking. Understanding a marginalized history filled with injustices, forgotten stories, pain, and controversy through art can allow people to develop meaningful responses that will bring us closer to peace and reconciliation. Beyond issues connected to the Asia-Pacific War, communities can also see the interconnections of our collective suffering today when violence, greed, and selfishness reign. As responsible global citizens of all ages, we cannot look away from past and present conflicts. We must face the inhumanity in humanity so that we are reminded of the importance of peace, diversity, and social justice.

To foster a deeper understanding of history, human rights issues and social justice values, you are invited to explore the history of WWII in Asia through the arts. Use visual arts to express the 2019 theme of “Catalyzing Hope” in the context of the Asia-Pacific War. To catalyze means “to cause or accelerate an action or process.” What does this mean in relation to the legacy of the Asia-Pacific War? When contextualizing the theme of “hope” you may want to ask yourself the following questions: What does hope mean to you? What does it mean to people displaced by war? How and why have stories of victimization turned into stories of activism and advocacy? What actions or processes have our global community and/or current generation taken towards peace and reconciliation?


  • We accept any type of poetry (250 words max.) and visual art, including but not limited to: photo essays, paintings, mixed-media, drawings, ink, prints​, sculptures
  • Submit your entry digitally only to artcontest@alphaeducation.org (please let us know that you saw thsis announcement on “ArtDeadline.Com”)
  • Please use scans or high-quality photos to submit physical art pieces; for 3D pieces, please submit up to 4 photos from different angles
  • Please ensure to include your Applicant Agreement Form and Reflection (see “Steps for Submission” below) in your email. Incomplete application packages will not be considered.
  • Parental or guardian consent is required in the release form for any participants under the age of 18 to enter the contest

All entries are judged based on the following criteria:

  • Theme (40%): interpretation of theme is clear and effective
  • Skill (20%): quality of artistic composition and overall design in regards to the art form
  • Creativity (30%): the degree in which the work is new and fresh, how does your work break new ground in communicating your theme?
  • Visual Impact (10%): the emotional effect of the piece as a whole, does your work stand on its own as a complete work of art?


  • Winner: $500​
  • First Runner-Up: $200
  • Second Runner-Up: $100
  • All applicants would be provided with a Certificate of Participation

Selected pieces will have the opportunity to be showcased on the ALPHA Education website and be featured at ALPHA events and in promotional materials​, with credits to the artist and artist permission.

*In order for the art contest to operate as indicated, there must be at least 10 entries

Prize winners will be announced on or before July 12, 2019



  1. Download and fill in the Application Form and Applicant Agreement Form
  2. Are you an educator who wants to get your students involved in this project? Download our information and resource PowerPoint here
  3. Visit our resource guide to the Asia-Pacific War and suggested readings and then get creative!
  4. Create your piece
  5. Submit your application, agreement, and the digital version of your piece to artcontest@alphaeducation.org by June 15, 2019 (please let us know that you saw this announcement on “ArtDeadline.Com”).

ALPHA Education is an educational NGO, non-profit, and registered charity in Canada that promotes a critical-historical investigation of the events of World War II in Asia. Our mission is to foster awareness of an often overlooked aspect of World War II history, in the interest of furthering the values of justice, peace, and reconciliation, both for survivors of the past and for those who shape the historical narratives of the present and future.

With this mission, we aim to activate historical memory and dialogue, to promote reconciliation, healing, closure and cross-cultural understanding.

ALPHA Education
1775 Lawrence Ave E.
Scarborough, ON M1R 2X7
t:  416 299 0111​

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