22 May 2020

Print & Art Call for Art on ‘Book of Revelation’ Theme

Ron BanukRosamond, California, United States

Opportunity Description

International Deadline: November 4, 2020 – Author of the ‘Bible in-Clear-English Series’, is sponsoring an international art contest titled, ‘Revelation’.

Perhaps the greatest scene from the Book of Revelation and perhaps the Bible itself is the setting in Heaven for the unfolding of the End Time. This scene is supreme because it applies to every person on Earth alive and dead—to those saved and those condemned.

This scene as rendered by the artist must contain as much as the following information as possible. (See the book Acts, General Epistles and Revelation in Clear English to put the information in context and to see it explained in the notes.) Artistic discretion is permitted in the interpretation of details.

Description of Scene in Heaven:

Central to the picture are God the Father (4:2) enveloped by four Seraphim (4:6) seated on the central throne, the Holy Spirit represented by seven spirits (1:4, 5:6) in a sea of glass crystals (4:5) before the throne, and the Son of Man standing in priestly attire (1:13).

In the Son’s right hand are seven stars (1:20) representing the power of the angels guarding the churches throughout the world as represented by the seven menorahs (1:12) surrounding Him.

The Trinity is surrounded by a semi-circular gathering of 24 elders prostrate in worship (5:14) with their stephanos golden crowns cast before the Father (4:10). Beside them are their harps and golden bowls of incense (5:18). Surrounding this majestic scene is a stadium-like sea of angels (5:11).

As the Son of Man speaks, a cartoon bubble (perhaps portraying the sound of many waters) shows (words or pictures) four women that sum up the Book of Revelation:

  • Jezebel (2:18-29)
  • Wife of Yahweh (12:1-7)
  • Mother of Harlots (17:1-18)
  • Bride of Christ (19:6-9, 21:9—22:5).

Additional Descriptors:

  • Son of Man
  • Position: standing among menorah (1:13
  • Clothing: priestly robe, golden belt
  • Demeanor: white hair, eyes on fire, feet like polished bronze, voice like the sound of many waters
  • Right Hand: 7 stars (1:20)
  • Mouth: two-edged sword (1:16)
  • Face: shining like the Sun (1:16)
  • God the Father
  • Demeanor: like a green jasper stone like a fiery red sardius (4:3) lightning and thunder come from the throne (4:5)
  • Seraphim
  • Form of a lion (possibly on bottom)
  • Form of a calf (possibly on left because it represented the character of the seraphim)
  • Face of a man (possibly at Father’s right hand)
  • Form of an eagle (possibly overhead) [4:7].
  • Six-winged creatures praising the One (4:8).

This is up to the artist. It can be an aerial view from infinity, a wide field of view with the Trinity in the forefront, or whatever. The artist can choose to show all 24 elders or just a few at the proper spacing depending on the perspective chosen.

To the artists who sketch or paint the best pictures as determined by a group of seven judges will be awarded:

  • $3000 First Prize
  • $2000 Second Prize
  • $1000 Third Prize.

Winners will be notified in the first week of September.

The author can be reached at ronbanuk@gmail.com
. Send all sketches, pictures, or paintings to this electronic address. Artists may submit more than one entry and could possibly receive more than one prize. If, for some reason, the artwork cannot be completed before September, then consideration may be given to a partially completed entry. The author would like to use these works in his personal endeavors.

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Opp Categories: + Open to Multi-Media. Opp Types: Print & Art. Opp Tags: $0 Entry/Application Fee, Deadlines 11 Nov thru Dec, Open to Artists Worldwide, and Special Opportunities. Income: *No Application Fee, Cash or Value Awards, and Publication. Opportunity expires in 10 days.

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