20 Apr 2019

Call for Submissions Artig Gallery Talent Development Program

SHIMNew York, New York, United States

NOTE: This opp listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Opportunity Description

International Deadline: April 29, 2019 – Artig Gallery, the online gallery for emerging art based in Barcelona, Spain, and Berlin, Germany, is pleased to announce an open call for artists to join our new Talent Development Program as inaugural members, in partnership with SHIM Art Network!

In order to expand our presence in the US and work more closely with US based artists, Artig Gallery will be exhibiting a curated selection of works by a select group of artists chosen through our open call. This exhibition will take place at ODETTA Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a global hub of emerging art. The dates of this exhibition will be May 17th to June 2nd. Additionally, SHIM Art Network will host a digital exhibition via Artsy.net for the duration of the exhibition and extending for a 60-day period.

Membership in the Artig Gallery Professional Development Exhibitor Group is open to painters, photographers, illustrators, and sculptors under the age of 40 with a demonstrated level of skill and commitment to furthering their career as a professional artist, as demonstrated in their portfolio and CV.

In preparation of your application, we encourage you to visit artiggallery.com and determine if your work adheres in style and quality to the artists we currently represent.

Application Fee: $20

SHIM Exhibitor Fee: $250
If accepted to the exhibition, a one-time exhibitor fee will be applied for participation that includes the gallery space, representation by a salesperson, installation, and promotion via Artig and SHIM Art Network.

Optional Exhibitor Group Membership:
After the conclusion of the exhibition, participating artists selected by Artig interested in collaborating with Artig Gallery, may be invited to join Artig Gallery’s Talent Development Program, with regular review periods for full representation with the gallery, basic access to Artsy and 1stdibs, and additional exhibition opportunities offered through SHIM.

For our membership showcase presentation at ODETTA, accepted artworks will be limited to 2D works on paper or canvas, or wall-mounted works with shallow depths less than 1.5 inches, with a maximum height or width of 18 inches. These works will be presented together in a bold gridded frame presentation for exhibition visitors.

The Artist agrees to provide two artworks mounted or matted on a mat board or other rigid backing material with precise outside dimensions of 19.75 inches x 19.75 inches (50cm x 50cm), ready to be inserted into standard sized frames that SHIM will provide. Failure to deliver works ready for display according to these specifications may result in additional fees or exclusion from the exhibition.

SHIM agrees to provide framing and installation for one of each artists’ two artworks, and presentation for the second artwork in a flat-file display in the booth accessible to exhibition visitors.

Applications to be considered for the exhibition are due no later than end of day on April 29th, 2019. Applications received after April 29th will be considered for future Artig TDP enrollment periods.

To apply, please visit www.shhhim.com/artig to learn more and click the APPLY NOW button, which will direct you to the SHIM Artist Application for Exhibitor Groups.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions and we welcome any questions you may have to Juliana Sorondo at Artig (juliana@artiggallery.com ) or Wilson Duggan at SHIM (info.shhhim@gmail.com).

The Artist agrees to provide SHIM and Artig two artworks to be exhibited, with all shipping and delivery costs to the gallery at the Artist’s expense. Receipt of artworks to be exhibited shall be arranged between the Artist and SHIM and Artig and will occur no later than May 10th, 2019.

The Artist agrees that return delivery of any unsold artworks after the conclusion of the exhibition will also be at the Artist’s expense. If not agreed otherwise, shipping will be done by a member of SHIM and artist will be charged the shipping fees.

Artists may have the option to leave artworks in SHIM’s custody for a period of time to become eligible for future exhibitions, which will be agreed on between SHIM and the artist individually.

The Artist agrees that neither SHIM nor Artig shall be responsible for any incidental damage to the artworks during shipment or while in SHIM’s or Artig’s custody. SHIM agrees to provide shipping, handling, and installation services at a professional standard. The Artist agrees and acknowledges that any insurance coverage for the artworks during shipment or while in SHIM’s or Artig’s custody will be the sole responsibility of the Artist.

SHIM and Artig agrees to provide digital and analog promotion for the Exhibitor Group in advance of the exhibition and continuing for 60-days after the conclusion of the exhibition , including a dedicated exhibition listing on SHIM’s Artsy.net platform.

The Artist, Artig, and SHIM mutually agree to cross-promote each other during the fair presentation via each other’s respective digital platforms (websites, social media, email marketing, etc) via standard info and copy to be drafted and provided by SHIM and Artig.

SHIM agrees to process any and all sales during the exhibition on Artig’s and the Artist’s behalf, sold at prices to be agreed upon in advance between SHIM, Artig, and the Artist and according to SHIM’s standard Terms of Service for Exhibitor Group Member Artists. SHIM agrees to compensate the Artist 90% of the final sale price of any sold artworks within 45 days of the conclusion of the sale. SHIM agrees to compensate Artig a sales commission of 10% of the final sale price of any sold artworks within 45 days of the conclusion of the sale vía Paypal or direct bank transfer

Visit us online to apply today.

SHIM is an arts exhibition company that fills the gaps in the art world, providing exhibition opportunities to artists, curators, and other organizations and affiliations and empowering them to mount their projects by and for themselves.

289 Meserole Street
Brooklyn, NY

Artig Gallery is a curated online art gallery for emerging art, created in collaboration with art producers and art enthusiasts.

We provide a modern channel of art work distribution, online art sales collaborations and offline art exhibition opportunities in renowned spaces (Galeries Lafayette Berlin, Espacio 88 Barcelona, Soho House Group, among others) and international art fairs like AQUA Art Fair during Art Basel Miami, while investing to optimize and their professional web presence. Our artists remain independent and are provided direct contact to an ever-growing community of fellow artists and collectors.

We work hand in hand with art Universities and Institutions to discover and support talented artists and projects.

ODETTA exhibits works by mid-career artists who have honed their craft and their vision. Directed by artist Ellen Hackl Fagan, special interest is given to contemporary painting, glyphs, music, Color Field, Buddha Mind, Minimalism, playfulness and encyclopedic obsessiveness.

ODETTA Gallery Chelsea
269 11th Avenue, Lobby 4, 7th Fl.
New York, NY 10001

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