Ceres Gallery

Ceres Gallery is a feminist, not-for-profit, alternative gallery in New York City, dedicated to the promotion of contemporary women in the arts. Ceres provides an exhibition space that enhances public awareness and helps remediate women’s limited access to commercial galleries. It also serves as a supportive base for a diversity of artistic and political views. Over the years Ceres has encouraged not only artists but writers, musicians, dancers, poets and storytellers to perform in the gallery and take risks with their work that might not be possible in a commercial setting. The members of Ceres Gallery believe the arts provide an important social service – that art has the power to educate, enhance and enrich the quality and depth of people’s lives.

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    Exposure 2020 Ceres Gallery

    U.S. National Deadline: October 31, 2020 – Chelsea, N.Y. Ceres Gallery presents 10 simultaneous exhibitions each week for 5 weeks with space available for both two and three-dimensional work. 50 artists selections…

    New YorkNew York, United States
    Date Posted
    16 Sep 2020