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Key Phrases in Announcements
ArtDeadline.Com utilizes a number of terms that are basic to all announcements and ArtDeadline.Com versions. Please review below:

No Application Fee
This designation refers to an event that does not charge an artist a fee to apply. However, please take note that even though an event may provide free application such may charge a fee if accepted for participation in the event.

Area of Eligibility

  • U.S. Multi-State Deadline: Refers to opportunities open to artists across multiple U.S. states.
  • U.S. National Deadline: Refers to opportunities open to U.S. artists only.
  • Regional Deadline: Refers to opportunities open to artists of specified area only.
  • International Deadline: Refers to opportunities open to all artists (no geographical restrictions).

Posted Locations
The U.S. City/State or International City/Country locations, posted alongside the announcements or provided per maps, simply indicates the origin of the sponsoring organization and/or location of an exhibiting venue. This posted location ‘does not’ refer to the geographical area of artist eligibility. See the actual posting for areas of eligibility, e.g., ‘U.S. National Deadline’, ‘International Deadline’, etc.

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How To Use The “My Opportunities” Management Function
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