Chianciano Art Museum

The Chianciano Biennale is a part of a network comprising the thirteen Clancianum Galleries and the Art Museum in the town of Chianciano, all organised by Gagliardi Gallery. The cluster of galleries are located up on the hill of the Medieval Old Town, falling back on stretches of the rich green and gold landscape that Tuscany breathes. For over a decade, the Chianciano Art Biennale has stood as a beacon of artistic excellence, attracting talents from across the globe.

Chianciano Art Museum's opportunity listings

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    Chianciano Biennale 2024 Chianciano Art Museum

    International Deadline: May 31, 2024 – The highly regarded Chianciano Biennale showcases contemporary art from around the world presented across a stunning network of 13 distinct art galleries and museum spaces…

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    2 Jan 2024