Comunitaria is an International Contemporary Art Residency created in Lincoln, Argentina, in 2016.

The residency, that takes place every year since 2016, has a short duration of two weeks and runs simultaneously in the 11 towns of Lincoln County (Roberts, Arenaza, Las Toscas, Carlos Salas, Triunvirato, Martinez de Hoz, El Triunfo, Bayauca, Bermudez and Lincoln: the main city of the district). Above all, the purpose of this program is not only to encourage and deep into artistic experiences that show friendship with the existing dynamics in social processes, but also to boost critical thinking about social committed art practices. This initiative is produced by the Lincoln Arts and Culture Association with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Education of the Municipality of Lincoln.

Comunitaria's opportunity listings

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    Contemporary Art Residency in Rural Argentina Comunitaria

    International Deadline: August 23, 2024 – The Comunitaria residency is aimed at artists interested in developing community-based art practices related to the local communities located in Lincoln, Argentina…

    LincolnBuenos Aires Province, Argentina
    Date Posted
    10 Jul 2024