21 Aug 2020

Call for Submissions Online & Rome Exhibitions, Publications

LoosenArtRoma, Lazio, Italy

Opportunity Description

International Deadline: September 7; October 7, November 7; December 7, 2020 – LoosenArt announces a call for entries for its upcoming online and group exhibitions in Rome, Italy:

DIARIES | Call for Exhibition – September 7, 2020

This call, following the path of a photographic genre developed from the experience of artists such as Nan Goldin, Wolfgang Tillmans, Boris Mikhailov, will collect photographic shots capable of expressing everyday life, such as the private and intimate one of the relationships between who describes and what and/or who is described.

Diaristic photography is an approach to photography that allows you to grasp first-hand aspects of an experience through which you may create personal memories for a diary or family album. Nowadays it is made even more shareable thanks to social media platforms on the web, as well as those useful for therapeutic use: photography used to tell about yourself, as a liberating act that allows the manifestation of a condition and a first step towards awareness.

Accepted media: Photography.

Group Exhibition in Rome, Italy. December 2020

POST – INDUSTRIALISM | Call for Exhibition – October 7, 2020

Currently, we are living in a post-industrial society, which is, by definition, “a society marked by a transition from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy”. So what happened to the urban/suburban factories populating the industrial landscape?

The main focus, here, is centred on pictures showing the decadence of industrial buildings as well as renewed factories, currently fulfilling a different function (museum, art gallery, shop…).

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Graphic, Digital Visual Design.

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city, Italy. January 2021.

WINDOWS INTO THE VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY | Call for Exhibition – November 7, 2020

Since the Renaissance period the concept of frame itself has been a reference to the idea of a window that opens to external worlds, to others, and to what is beyond reality. With the invention of the photographic medium, and cinematography later, the first virtual reality constructions come to be. These are capable of involving the recipient / spectator in a more participatory way thanks to an aesthetic and narrative arrangement that favors a direct, and at the same time illusory, experience of a spectacular real world.

Augmented reality today represents a further development of this immersion:a reality where the participant (no longer just a spectator) interacts with avatars and virtual constructions.

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city, Italy. February 2021.

INSTABILITY AND PRECARIOUSNESS | Call for Exhibition – December 7, 2020

Instability and precariousness are concepts that characterize the modern era. The way we experience everyday life responds to a consumerist logic. This logic sees the precariousness of the state of things as urgency in seizing or abandoning the useful object that meets our needs. It’s the same for what we now call “relational consumerism”.

Instability refers to the idea of precarious balance that concerns every type of physical, physiological / corporal and mental structure. The psychic and emotional sphere is therefore also taken into consideration in the contemplation of the concept of instability: instability understood as an anomaly of temper due to excessive receptivity for impulses of an affective or instinctive order, and characterized by frequent changes in mood and emotional state.

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city, Italy. March 2021.

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LoosenArt is an online gallery and platform dedicated to contemporary visual arts, born and based on principles of contemporaneity, the very same principles in which contact, connection and exchange are prerogatives of a cultural evolution supported by a technology that is the expression of an interest to find new channels to relate freely and more directly to the others, an interest to demonstrate an innate need of human contact, where meetings are always something which give rise to something else.

Due to this reason LoosenArt supports some organizations engaged in the field of defense of human rights. LoosenArt contribute to organizations engaged in the field of human rights. 50% of the LoosenArt Gallery’s incomes – 18% from full amount – will be devolved to such purpose.

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