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Since 1994 – The ArtDeadline.Com service was the first of it’s kind on the internet, and is still the leader in providing quality income and exhibition news for the serious artist. We believe we are the largest and most read source for this type of news in the world.

ArtDeadline.Com is not simply the website that you are now on, it is a network that spans many other proprietary websites, subscription based local, national and international newsletters and magazines; internet based art and artist publications for the professional community; syndicated art news networks, career resources for art schools and universities, social networks, and other artist advocacy services.

ArtDeadline.Com receives and publishes more opportunities and event listings per day than any other service. With millions of North American and international views across our network of print and online properties, publishing your news with us is by far the best way to reach your specific target audience.

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Proprietary Opportunity News websites (ArtDeadline.Com, etc):
Daily Hits
 – Up to 1,860,000
Daily Views – Up to 480,265

Syndicated news:
bluedot2  Syndicated news views
 – Up to 126,025
bluedot2  Affiliate & Referring websites – Up to 113,828

Social Networks
bluedot2  Twitter,, more – 27,500+ (significant daily growth)*
* Please note: these are real people, not phony ghost followers that many sites purchase from spam services to make it appear that they have a large following.

2nd & 3rd Party Intranet Displays
Art Organizations, Public and Private Institutions, Art Schools and Universities closed intra-network views – Up to 61,477 (best estimate)

2nd & 3rd Party Publications
The ArtDeadline.Com service is a primary source for major publications, e.g., art magazines, art associations, art institutions, art schools newsletters, and online news services and websites. Publishing your news with us may result in your announcement being propagated across an international community of online and print publications.



Readers include:
Professional artists across all media
bluedot2  Art students and teachers
bluedot2  Art Colleges & Universities
bluedot2  Art Associations & Societies
bluedot2  Art Museums
bluedot2  Fine Art Galleries
bluedot2  Private & Public Agencies
bluedot2  Foundations and other Grantmaking Organizations
bluedot2  Art Market Professionals
bluedot2  Patrons of the Arts
bluedot2  Second Party Internet and Print Magazine Readerships

bluedot2  Female:
18 to 29 yrs old: 22%
30 to 40 yrs old: 25%
41 to 51 yrs old: 28%
52 yrs old plus: 25%

bluedot2  Male:
18 to 29 yrs old: 24%
30 to 40 yrs old: 26%
41 to 51 yrs old: 25%
52 yrs old plus: 25%

Art Education:
bluedot2  Self-taught: 15%
bluedot2  Some Art College: 22%
bluedot2  Art College Degree: 63%

Requests for News Originating From:

bluedot2  Americas:
N. America: 88%
S. America: 12%

bluedot2  International:
Africa: 15%
Asia: 23%
Europe: 46%
Oceania: 16%


* The above information is based on paid High Impact Ad placements with network accesses. Estimates vary from day to day, we do not guarantee indicated hits and views per individual announcements as many factors are outside of our control, such as quality of provided ad copy and Prospectus documents; quality and relevancy of the individual event; network accessibility; reader interest; sponsor website quality and function; affiliate and second party interest and distribution, etc.  See Advertising Terms of Use when ordering.