Art Scene West

Launched in late February of 2020, Art Scene West started as a contemporary art gallery that represented established and emerging artists from the west coast and western parts of the United States. The gallery began in the virtual sphere and grew by partnering with and opening a physical gallery on South Cedros in Solana Beach, Ca, which it held until the end of 2022. Art Scene West begins 2024 with a new focus on discovering artists through world-wide art competitions that it will host year around.

Art Scene West's opportunity listings

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    Finest Art Showcase San Diego Art Scene West

    International Deadline: April 21, 2024 – Art Scene West presents the Finest Art Showcase San Diego: an exhibition of fine art. 60 artists will have their artwork showcased online and in person at the exclusive live event…

    San DiegoCalifornia, United States
    Date Posted
    28 Mar 2024