26 Aug 2020

Public Art RFP Vote Clean Energy 2020 Art Initiative

Generation180Charlottesville, Virginia, United States

NOTE: This opp listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!


Opportunity Description

U.S. National Deadline: September 16, 2020 – Generation180’s Vote Clean Energy 2020 campaign aims to increase the visibility of the existing “clean energy constituency” (i.e. voters that support strong political action on clean energy) through art, “front yard” campaign collateral, and social media.

At the center of this campaign is an art initiative that will award three (3) artists each with a $2,000 contract to produce a work of art that communicates the campaign’s core message: that Americans want bold government action on clean energy—now. These works will be shared, amplified, and/or distributed (depending on medium/format) across the digital channels of Generation180 and its campaign partners.

Open to all individuals living within the United States. All visual mediums, styles, and formats will be considered, including but not limited to computer-generated drawings, illustrations, paintings, murals, comics, installations, print, sculptural, two-dimensional or three-dimensional, mixed media, video, etc.

Three (3) contracts will be awarded at an amount of $2,000 per contract. Additionally, Generation180 will cover all approved costs associated with physical/digital reproduction and/or digital promotion.


Submissions will be juried by a Generation180 committee based on the effective portrayal of support for political action on clean energy.


  • September 16: Submission deadline
  • September 21: Winning contracts announced
  • October 16: Artists’ work completed
  • October 19: Award money distributed (based on the proposal and professionalism/quality/usability of final submission)

Generation180 is a non-profit working to inspire and equip people to take action on clean energy. We’re reframing the narrative around energy and equipping people to take effective, meaningful action in their homes and communities.

107 1st Street South, Suite A
Charlottesville, VA 22902

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