18 Mar 2024

Art Calls LoosenArt’ Online & Rome Exhibitions

LoosenArt Rome, Latium, Italy


Opportunity Description

International Deadline: Recurring Monthly – LoosenArt is an online gallery and platform dedicated to contemporary visual arts, born and based on principles of contemporaneity, the very same principles in which contact, connection and exchange are prerogatives of a cultural evolution supported by a technology that is the expression of an interest to find new channels to relate directly to the others, an interest to demonstrate an innate need of human contact, where meetings are always something which give rise to something else.

The LoosenArt project provides a space where art finds further support of its role, of its deeper meaning, of it being a channel through which man relates with others, with the world and reality. Being in contact with all of this, means being linked, feeling and grasping what is originated from all reality, so it also means feeling what today we perceive as an emergency, that need to answer and to measure. Due to this reason LoosenArt supports some organizations engaged in the field of environmental protection.

The LoosenArt Gallery Artwork offers are not covered by commercial logic widespread in the contemporary art system, where the value of the same artwork reflects the costs to possess it. Our offers are the expression of an interest to reach a common goal, that both the gallery and its artists share. A value, which even more importantly, can be traced in the recognition of a principle rooted in the natural urge to communicate and participate, in response to that innate need for meeting others.

LoosenArt announces a call for entries for its upcoming online and group exhibitions in Rome and/or Milan, Italy:

Deadline June 23, 2024

Photographers, Visual Designers and Video Artists are invited to submit 1 up to 3 works addressing the theme.

As theories of visual culture demonstrate, since ancient times the iconographic image has been a very important form of transmission and diffusion of human knowledge.

Starting from the late Victorian period, photography became a fundamental medium for scientific research, fully responding to the need to catalog and bear witness to inquiries into the natural world. Being photography considered a means that offers an objective vision of reality, when combined with data and texts, it is welcomed by the academic environment as an ideal means for the documentary transmission of scientific results.

In the fields of botany, anatomy, and in the study of behavior, micro/macroscopic observations, etc., contemporary technology offers more and more tools that help us understand the world, tools that broaden our perception and determine our awareness of it.

The call for the exhibition Nature Exposed intends to collect photographic, video and digital visual works that offer a glimpse into the natural world through the display of elements, flora, fauna, organic processes and behavioral dynamics.

Group Exhibition in Rome city, Italy. September 2024.

Deadline July 26, 2024

Photographers, Visual Designers and Video Artists are invited to submit 1 up to 3 works addressing the theme.

Ever since the 18th century, the world of art has given us landscapes that attest to the urban changes imposed by the industrial and technological development of that time.

With this call LoosenArt wants to collect photographic, video and digital visual design works capable of offering visions of present-day landscapes dominated by human presence.

The works on display will address the theme through the many aspects that concern the relationship between man and environment, all this from a perspective that focuses on different levels of interest, such as anthropological, social, historical, cultural, political and environmental.

Group Exhibition in Rome city, Italy. October 2024.

Deadline August 29, 2024

Photographers, visual designers and video artists are invited to submit 1 up to 3 works addressing the theme.

Fragments of matter or of an idea, broken and interrupted, or inter-ruptured, forms, disintegrated by human behavior or by nature, an action-effect that makes the nature of its composition and its existence even more concrete, manifesting its fragility and its ephemeral utilitarian and/or meaningful function.

Starting with the cubist aesthetics, the fragmentation of forms became the object of analysis of perception: such a fragmentation and reorganization of forms meant that a work no longer had to be seen as a window through which the image of the world is seen, rather it is a physical object on which a subjective response to the world is created.

The selected works will display form and the loss of its functional entity, with the constitution of new visual compositions and new meanings.

A further interpretation of this call sees the breaking of the form as the trace of a cause and effect that is testament to a violent act: an act that represents the urgent need for change.

Group Exhibition in Rome city, Italy. November 2024.

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