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15 Jul 2023

RFP/Q's Public Sculpture Park Augmented Reality Exhibition of Physical Sculpture

Price Sculpture Forest Coupeville, Washington, United States

Price Sculpture Forest

Opportunity Description

International Deadline: Ongoing – You have the opportunity to participate in a cutting-edge sculpture exhibition that is anticipated to be the first of its kind in the world: An Augmented Reality exhibition of real-world sculptures that will be virtually displayed via an app onto a real-world outdoor pedestal in a Price Sculpture Forest’s beautiful public sculpture park setting.

Your real-world physical sculpture will be digitally transformed for onsite display by a technology startup company we are partnering with. A custom Augmented Reality phone app has already been created specifically for this exhibition at Price Sculpture Forest. Visitors will download the app onsite (free WiFi is provided) and be able to view your sculpture via a QR code on your sculpture plaque that shows your name and sculpture title. The visitors can then see your high-resolution sculpture on the pedestal seamlessly placed within the visual context of the entire area, background, and people there. They can walk around your sculpture to see it from all angles and view it up close or from a distance. They can even stand by your sculpture and take a picture with it. The app will include artist information about you plus links to your website and social media for additional information, contact, and sales inquiries.

The behind-the-scenes technology we have developed for digitizing your sculpture is complex, yet the steps needed from you have been optimized to be both quick and simple. We will provide straightforward step-by-step instructions plus be available to help by phone or email, if needed. You basically just need a good quality high resolution video camera (many modern phones will work), good even lighting all around your sculpture if possible, and the ability to upload a large video file to a website (we provide instructions on this too, if needed). We handle everything else for you from there.

This unique ongoing show comes with many artist benefits including public exhibition at a popular sculpture park, association with a whole new way of experiencing sculpture, marketing of you, zero commission on sales (100% to artist), and no additional costs beyond the entry fee.

Up to 10 selected artists will each be paid a $500 honorarium for your participation. Sculptures will be exhibited in small groups and rotated over time, with the possibility of making repeat appearances.

We seek unique, exciting artistic visions that will enthrall viewers through both your original sculpture and this new interactive way of experiencing your art.

We are seeking sculptures that fit well within one of our two themes and that can be appreciated in a 360-degree experience walking around your sculpture while being viewed from all sides. We want to wow visitors so they are intrigued about the possibilities of art and, more importantly, so that visitors leave excited about bringing more art and nature into the rest of their lives.

We are open to all materials and styles. Since the sculptures will be presented through Augmented Reality, this is open to materials that are traditionally used for either outdoor or indoor display.

Your preparation steps can be done simply and remotely from anywhere in the world at your studio or wherever your physical sculpture is currently located, with no requirements for travel or onsite installation.

The Sculpture Forest currently showcases two themes: Nature Nurtured and Whimsy Way.

— Nature Nurtured encompasses beauty and appreciation for the natural, non-human world. This can include living creatures, plants/trees, and non-living natural elements (sun, wind, air, earth, etc.). For living creatures and plants/trees, we strongly favor those that can have natural habitat (even if seasonal) within our general area north of Seattle in Washington state.

— Whimsy Way is about people experiencing fun through art. Quirky, humorous, or wild creations are encouraged. We encourage art that gets people to smile or giggle, grabs the imagination of a child, or enables visitors to think about the possibilities of art being joyful fun to experience.

The Augmented Reality virtual sculptures will be exhibited in a dedicated exhibition area with a real-world circular pedestal that has a top flat surface 4 inches above the ground and 46 inches in diameter. Sculptures can be of any height, though note that sculptures taller than approximately 6 feet may require the viewer to scan their phone app camera view up and down the sculpture without having the entire sculpture visible all at once in the app’s field of view (which is fine). Sculptures can be wider than the 46 inch base, though it is not recommended to be wider than 8 feet maximum so as to fit within the optimum viewing area. We can also digitally scale sculptures up or down in size from the original’s actual size, though we prefer to represent the sculpture in its original actual size as if it is really physically there.

Visit us online for complete details and to Apply.

Your original physical sculpture can be either for sale or not for sale.

Any sales from the exhibition will be handled directly between you and the purchaser. We offer you zero commission (100% to you) for any sales of the exhibited work or for any other work resulting from your exhibition in the Sculpture Forest.

We will also provide you with a user-interactive, rotatable 3D version of your sculpture that you can personally share from any web browser and use for whatever purpose or promotion you desire.

Price Sculpture Forest is Where Art Enhances Nature and Nature Enhances Art. We are a 501c3 nonprofit public sculpture park and nature preserve set within a mature native Pacific Northwest habitat north of Seattle, Washington. Visitor and media reception to the sculpture experience has been terrific and is continually growing, with art lovers strolling among the exhibited sculptures and walking paths throughout the year.

Price Sculpture Forest
678 Parker Rd
Coupeville, WA 98239

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