12 Jul 2017

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Manifest Creative Research GalleryCincinnati, Ohio, United States

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International Deadline: August 28, 2017 – Art, like any other form of culture including language, evolves organically. This means artists are reacting to their context, socially, historically, creatively. Often artists learn by copying existing works, usually ‘master works’ from history, in museums or from photos. Sometimes these are even copies of copies—for example, a drawn copy of a drawing Rubens made of the Belevedere Torso in 1601. (The Belvedere Torso itself was once believed to be a 1st-century BC original, but is now believed to be a copy from the 1st century BC or AD of an older statue, which probably dated to the early 2nd century BC). This example alone reveals the depth of historical influence—the purposeful right alongside the unconscious.

But beyond the practice of imitating to learn, there is the overt borrowing of forms, techniques, styles, or subjects, even whole representations of an existing work, in order to recontextualize it and therefore give it an entirely new meaning while retaining a connection to the original source’s context and meaning. Duchamp’s “L.H.O.O.Q.” serves as a prime example.

ART FROM ART sets out to survey and showcase works that reference, borrow, recontextualize or otherwise utilize existing artworks, whether old or new, in an clear or obvious way. The ways in which this may be realized are incredibly numerous, and we are eager to see the various approaches artists feel fit this theme.

This exhibit has no predefined expectation for type or style of work to be considered or selected. Submissions can range from the most traditional to the most conceptual or experimental. The only criteria beyond excellent quality is that works must in some way qualify as art from art.

ART FROM ART is open to everyone. Professionals as well as students are encouraged to enter. The only limitation is that entries must represent original works which address the theme as described.

A new annual Manifest Grand Jury Prize will result in the awarding of one significant cash prize ($2500) to a single work selected as the ‘best of the entire season’. Winner will be determined by a final end-of-year jury from among a pool of all top-scoring works from each exhibit’s jury process across the current exhibition season. This process will apply to exhibits from the start of our 14th season on September 29, 2017, and applies to each exhibit through August, 2018, including this one.

Open to any and all traditional and non-traditional visual arts 2d and 3d media applicable to the theme.

Manifest’s selection process involves a complex two-part system. This exhibit will be juried by an anonymous 5-9 member panel of professional and academic advisors with a broad range of expertise relative to art and design. The jury will then pass along their recommendations to the exhibit curator who will make the final selections from the jury-approved pool.

Manifest Press will produce a high quality hard-cover publication documenting each entire season of exhibits, artists, and works shown. This continues Manifest’s commitment to long-term documentation and dissemination of our projects, and the expansion of physical exhibits into a broader geography and time frame, while also bringing all exhibits together under one cover each year to create a better product which will be more valuable to the public, teachers, libraries, and exhibiting artists.

$40 for up to three entries submitted. $10 per each additional entry.

Visit Manifest Gallery online to Apply. The online submission process is preferred. However, discs may be submitted (see details on Prospectus).

Artworks are not required to be for sale in order to be included in our exhibitions. Manifest Gallery will retain a commission of 30% of the sale price on all artwork sold during the exhibition.


  • August 28 Deadline for receipt of entries
  • October 2-9 Notifications sent by email to all entrants sometime this week
  • October 16 Hi-res images needed for catalog and PR
  • November 4 Artwork due to Manifest by this date
  • November 9 Special Preview Event & Season 14 launch!
  • November 10 Public Opening
  • December 8 Final Day of Exhibition
  • December 9-16 4 Pick-up hand-delivered work
  • December 13 Schedule shipped artwork for pickup (arranged by artist)

Visit Manifest Gallery online for complete details and to Apply.

Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization located in East Walnut Hills in Cincinnati, Ohio. We serve as a venue for the display and experience of insightful, thought provoking art and design, and functions as a hub for creative research and innovation at all levels of artistic endeavor.

Manifest Gallery
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Gallery hours: T-F 2-7pm, Sat.12-5pm.

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