7 Mar 2024

Art Calls Project H2O

Arts for Global Development Bethesda, Maryland, United States

Arts for Global Development

Opportunity Description

International Deadline: June 5, 2024 – Our blue planet is not that blue anymore. In addition to deforestation and air pollution, our water systems have been significantly impacted by our everyday actions. We only have a few more years left to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and there is still so much to be done, including SDG 6 “Clean Water and Sanitation”. Water is at the core of sustainable development and is critical for socio-economic development, healthy ecosystems, and human survival itself.

Climate change is our generation’s reality. Rising temperatures will continue to contribute to water scarcity across the world. So responsible water usage is essential for ensuring there’s enough water for our and future generations.

Project H2O is our collective attempt to accelerate awareness and call for meaningful and impactful action through the use of art.

Participation is open to all artists above the age of 18 from across the world.

Put your creativity into action to help generate more awareness around clean water scarcity, importance of wastewater management and the overall state of our water resources and ways to clean them up.

Create a 4×6 inch (~10 x 15 cm) postcard-sized original miniature artwork with a water theme or component aligning with the purpose of Project H2O. Water can be interpreted in many ways, from color to the use of various shapes, textures, and materials, socio-cultural implications, and more. While creating your work, think of your own water footprint. What is it? What would your life be without water? How can your artwork help us create awareness on the state of our water sources? How could it inspire and encourage responsible water usage?

By participating in this project and mailing your artwork to Arts for Global Development you agree with the project purpose and terms, and grant permission that your artwork may/may not be virtually and in-person exhibited, sold or auctioned to support the project cause and generate funds for water preservation efforts locally and internationally, and/or your artwork imagery may be used as part of communicating/ promoting the purpose of the project. Your submitted artwork is not returnable.

Feel free to submit up to 5 miniature artworks.

Materials must be earth-friendly. Consider using non-toxic paints, recycled and other natural materials.

At Arts for Global Development we bring a multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and participatory approach to development and engage individuals and organizations worldwide in creating and maintaining arts-infused positive impact. We are a registered 501(c)3 educational nonprofit organization that has been applying the arts and culture to challenge societal inequities and environmental degradation for two decades.

Art 4 Development has no religious, political, or governmental affiliation. Art4Development.Net is an internationally recognized non-profit voluntary initiative; partner of UNESCO’s Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity, and member of CIVICUS.

Project H2O
PO BOX 5892
Bethesda, Maryland, 20824

Opportunity Categories: + Open to Multi-Media. Opportunity Types: Art Calls and Internet. Opportunity Tags: $0 Entry/Application Fee, Deadlines 05 May thru June, and Open to Artists Worldwide. Benefits: *No Participation Fee, Education, Exhibition - Group, Exhibition - Online, In-Kind Benefit, and Publication.

Opportunity expires in 51 days.

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